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Master - Oldie Henry Lion
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Henry Lion Oldie

* * *

"The Great Square
has no angles"
Frasimed of Melkh
The strained ligaments vibrated under the carefully touching fingers; and the Master had to work hard until the man stretchced out on a rough wooden bench groaned and opened his eyes.
Seeing the gloomy bearded face bent over him, the man shuddered convulsively and shut his eyes again.
"Don't be scared, – the Master said. – The day's over. It's evening now. Don't be scared and lie still."
He wasn't used to say so many words at a time, and it cost him much effort to finish the phrase.
"You, torturer..." – the man muttered.
"I am, – he agreed. – and a master too."
"Master..." – the man pronounced the word as if touching it with his swollen tongue. The word was utterly out of place here, within the smutty walls of the small hall with low ceiling, massive door and without any windows at all.
"Tomorrow you'll have the whip, – the Master warned. – Hang quiet, don't strain yourself. And cry. It will be easier for you."
"You are gonna kill me," – cool indifference sounded in the man's voice.
"No, I'm not, – said the Master. – Not tomorrow, anyway."
"I'm talking too much, – he thought. – It is age..."
The man moved his shoulder, with caution at first, then with more confidence. All bones appeared to be in place.
"Master..." – the man whispered following with his eyes the stooping figure that disappeared at the doorway.
On the next day he had the whip.
* * *
A stocky sullen youth kneeled in front of a metallic tank full of sand and methodically immersed his hands into it keeping his fingers widely apart. The sand was damp and caked, and mixed with rusty debris and pebbles; and the youth's fingers were covered with cuts and bleeded.
Master stood behind his back that was rocking back and forth in the repeated effort, and for some time watched his regular rhytmical movements.

Master - Oldie Henry Lion - читать бесплатно электронную книгу онлайн

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