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Голсуорси Джон

A Modern Comedy - 3. The Silver Spoon


A Modern Comedy - 3. The Silver Spoon - Голсуорси Джон
A Modern Comedy - 3. The Silver Spoon - это книга, написанная автором, которого зовут Голсуорси Джон. В библиотеке LibOk вы можете без регистрации и без СМС скачать бесплатно ZIP-архив этой книги, в котором она находится в формате ТХТ (RTF) или FB2 (EPUB или PDF). Кроме того, данную электронную книгу можно комфортно и без регистрации прочитать онлайн прямо на нашем сайте.

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A Modern Comedy – 3

From preface: In naming this second part of The Forsyte Chronicles "A Modern Comedy" the word Comedy is stretched, perhaps as far as the word Saga was stretched to cover the first part. And yet, what but a comedic view can be taken, what but comedic significance gleaned, of so restive a period as that in which we have lived since the war? An Age which knows not what it wants, yet is intensely preoccupied with getting it, must evoke a smile, if rather a sad one.
John Galsworthy
The Silver Spoon
“But O, the thorns we stand upon!”
Winter’s Tale
Chapter I.
The young man, who, at the end of September, 1924, dismounted from a taxicab in South Square, Westminster, was so unobtrusively American that his driver had some hesitation in asking for double his fare. The young man had no hesitation in refusing it.
“Are you unable to read?” he said, softly. “Here’s four shillings.”
With that he turned his back and looked at the house before which he had descended. This, the first private English house he had ever proposed to enter, inspired him with a certain uneasiness, as of a man who expects to part with a family ghost. Comparing a letter with the number chased in pale brass on the door, he murmured: “It surely is,” and rang the bell.
While waiting for the door to be opened, he was conscious of extreme quietude, broken by a clock chiming four as if with the voice of Time itself. When the last boom died, the door yawned inward, and a man, almost hairless, said:
“Yes, sir?”
The young man removed a soft hat from a dark head.
“This is Mrs. Michael Mont’s house?”
“Correct, sir.”
“Will you give her my card, and this letter?”
“‘Mr. Francis Wilmot, Naseby, S. C.’ Will you wait in here, sir?”
Ushered through the doorway of a room on the right, Francis Wilmot was conscious of a commotion close to the ground, and some teeth grazing the calf of his leg.

A Modern Comedy - 3. The Silver Spoon - Голсуорси Джон - читать бесплатно электронную книгу онлайн

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